LIVE FROM DETROIT: The All Things Detroit Holiday Shopping Experience at Eastern Market

DETROIT _ Yes, I shopped. As I sauntered through the All Things Detroit festival at Eastern Market, it was impossible not to want everything. Small businesses and vendors from across metro Detroit offered up everything from T-shirts to coasters, from popcorn to wall art. And the art? Wow. It was electic and amazing. And I met some great people, including Centurium, who designed the fantastic bowl above, and Craig Paul Nowak and Danielle Cotton. who offered a new idea for art blocks – tiles that you can change out when you change room decor (Second and third pictures below). But some of my favorite works were metalworks from Chris Nesbitt’s Waterford-based Metal Art. It was stunning, and the city owes a debt of thanks to All Things Detroit founder Jennyfer Crawford, who decided this should be an extension of her event planning and project management business.